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Our spirits,

of ancestral heritage, are the

Passion and Pride of this House,

beginning in 1999, being

this a place frequented by many personalities such as the General

Manuel Avila Camacho (President

of the Republic) and the Senator

Jesus Cisneros Gomez, among others,

who rejoiced the environment

of this beautiful place.


Today this company dedicated

every day to bring you

a product of the highest quality

that has taken a long process

of selection, from plants

until the satisfaction of the strictest


Old Orchard "Los Manguitos"



Distillery "ROJESA" S. de R.L.

Daniel Larios 260

Col. Centro C.P. 49300

Sayula, Jaslico.

52 (342) 422 18 44


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Photo by: Felix Barajas

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